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Orange Sponge Cake

14 Jun

Good Monday morning everyone! So this week, I kept plugging my way through River Cottage Everyday, this time making the ‘Lemon Trickle Cake’  – however, due to my seemingly constant use of lemon in all things bakeable, I decided to mix this recipe up a bit and use oranges rather than lemon. And all I can say is that this is possible the best thing ever. I know I say that kinda crap a lot, but seriously guys, try this recipe and you will not be disappointed. The recipe itself is a variation on a Victorian Sponge cake, but rather than making two rounds and filling them with cream and jam, here, only a simple loaf is made and then covered with ‘lashings’ of sweet citrusy icing. So all I did was replace the lemon with orange – probably making the whole thing about a million time sweeter than it’s supposed to be. The end bits are so covered and full of orangey icing they make my teeth ache – but it’s so worth it. I am absolutely in love with this sponge cake. I may make it every week. 🙂

So no idea what I may make next week. There is a honey whole meal cake that I’ve been itching to try since I got the cookbook…. Or maybe I’ll give the fudge another try – yes, I tried to make fudge and ended up with hard toffee. Burned hard toffee. That’s what you get for trying to make candy without a sugar thermometer. See, I thought John Lewis had everything. How wrong I was…


Archaeology Wednesdays

17 Mar

It’s time once again for more Archaeology. I mean, really, it’s always time for archaeology – because archaeology, especially anything related to bones, is pretty damn awesome. Except for theory. Never theory. *shudder*

Anyway, on to the cool articles!

Okay, so most of you all probably read about this already, but it’s damn cool, so I’m posting it again: Vikings in Dorset! And they’ve been decapitated!

Mummies mummies mummies! Does it get any better than that? Check out this article about new mummy finds from China.

Article on a recent lecture at UCL: Humans after the last Ice Age and how they adapted to climate change.

Pretty nifty:  Human vision and 600-million year old hydra

And lastly, I wish I found some cool medieval bones in my back garden…

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