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Peeps sushi = awesome

3 May

So I don’t know how many of you guys had seen this around easter time (how to make peepshi), but when I read the article, I was convinced it was the most awesome thing ever. And you know what? I was right. Awe-some! (said in a sing-song voice.)

First off, for my british audience, ‘Peeps’ are an American marshmallow confection that is typically available around the easter holiday, usually formed in the shape of a chick. (Peeps are now available in a range of shapes, depending on the time of year; I loves me some Peeps ghosts!) I do believe that ‘Peeps’ can be used both when referring to a singular peeps chick or to a collective of peeps, as I am fairly certain they have some sort of terrifying peepy┬áover-mind. (Hence the need to behead and consume as many as possible – preferably before they take over the world, as is their fiendish plan.)

Anyway, I’m not going to do all the step-by-step (had a brief early nineties flashback just then) details of how exactly to make the peeps sushi, as you can find those on the previously mentioned link; rather, I’m just going to post lots of pretty pictures and give some hints on how to make the inside-out rolled peeps sushi.

The materials: Rice Krispie treats (to form the ‘rice’ portion of the peeps sushi), fruit roll-ups (the ‘nori’; the original post suggested fruit by the foot fruit roll-ups, which definitely would have made life a bit easier, however, then you wouldn’t be able to make the inside-out rolls), and, of course, the peeps. We decided to go full ‘chicks’ for this sushi making endeavor, although I suspect it might have been just as much fun to demolish a few packs of peeps bunnies. Also, I suggest using lots of different colours of peeps – and yes, only because it looks pretty. ­čÖé

btw, hot rice krispie treats are delicious

One of the first steps is to behead the peeps and try not to be swayed by their little chirpy screams. Chop Chop Chop. Make sure your knife is sharp – the internal structure of the peeps is sticky and slightly gooey.

and listen to their peepy screams

Kinda my addition to the peeps sushi – California Roll Style. (California Peeps Roll perhaps? Or maybe Calipeepsnia Roll? I dunno.) ┬áStart with two pieces of wax paper and a block of rice krispie treats in between. Roll the rice krispies until they form a flat sheet, approximately the size of a fruit roll-up; remove the top layer of wax paper. Place a full sheet of fruit roll-up on top of the rice krispies and press down gently. Lay strips of sliced up peeps bodies (whatever bit were left over from the beheadings) in a thin(ish) straight line across the fruit roll-up; careful not to overfill or you may not be able to roll properly. Using the wax paper, gently begin to roll the sushi, pressing firmly with each movement; use the wax paper to help form the sushi into a nice roll. Once the rolling is done, remove from wax paper and roll the entire thing in some orange sugar sprinkles – which look eerily like masago once the roll is coated.

Carefully cut your inside-out sushi into pieces; again, I would suggest a very sharp knife, as peeps sushi is quite soft and can deform under too much pressure. Luckily, you can always mould them back into shape with your chubby paws if need be.

The most important step: Arrange them beautifully. Believe me, they taste better that way. Can you see my pathetic attempt to make peeps sushi hand rolls? In my defence, I can’t make them with nori and normal sushi ingredients either, so this really comes as no surprise.

The full haul of peeps sushi. Aren’t they glorious?

It may not look like a much, but I’m pretty sure that took me and my mum about 2 hours to make. The end result is totally worth it though – just look at them! I would recommend eating them quickly after making, as if left out for too long, they become rock hard. (If you stick them in some air-tight packaging though, they can last a few days. Don’t refrigerate though!!)

Btw guys, these have all been consumed at the time of this posting. Sorry!

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