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The archaeologist returns & wrap-up of the AAPAs

1 May

Greetings my dear readers and welcome back to a freshly minted instalment of ‘The Baking Archaeologist’. Apologies for my extended absence; I thought I would have more time whilst away in the states to pen a few short notes, but time got the better of me and, well, here we are, me with a cup of hot tea on a cold, rainy English spring’s day, and you, sitting at some undisclosed location, reading this. Anyway, my extended absence was due to having to attend the AAPA (American Association of Physical Anthropologists) conference in Albuquerque, NM, USA. The annual meeting of the AAPA is the largest of its kind, with anthropologists and archaeologists from around the world gathering together to discuss really sophisticated things, like primate locomotion, identification of human remains in forensic contexts and the origins of the human species, as well as present the latest and greatest research in the field. That makes it sound rather posh, doesn’t it? The reality is this:  it’s totally an excuse to get plastered with your mates and get caught up on the latest and greatest gossip. Okay, okay. In all fairness, there were some seriously awesome presentations and posters (the best ones from right here in the UK – you all know who you are), and I’m pretty sure that I did manage to learn some cool new things – and not just that you gotta have a cast iron liver to get by in this field, although I’m sure that helps a great deal. 🙂 Overall it was a great experience and I am already looking forward to next year – now that I know who’s who and the way these crazy conferences go.

Btw, my poster was awesome. Just saying.

Anyway, other than the meeting, archaeology was definitely on the back-burner this month. I’ve pretty much been on thesis hiatus for the past three weeks and so now have some serious catching up to do. I can write 20k words in a month, can’t I? Oh, and in bone-related news, a friend of mine kindly donated a super awesome turtle skeleton to add to my collection of ‘dead things I keep in boxes’, which at the moment consists of said turtle, a cat tooth and various human incisors. (Okay, so it’s not really a collection yet, but damn it, it’ll get there in the end!)

Keep an eye out for the next post – it’s Peep Sushi time!!

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