500 days of cookies

28 Sep

Greetings gentle readers. Welcome back to a fresh instalment of the Baking Archaeologist. As the new school year is upon us here in the UK, needy research students are in ever more desperate need of sugar-based baked goods, to sooth their frayed nerves as the undergraduate hordes descend upon us once again. To those of us who have resided within our cramped, dark research rooms for the duration of the summer, becoming vaguely Gollum-like in our shunning of natural light, the cacophony that accompanies the start of term is nothing short of apocalyptic, what with the undergrads thronging through the department, filling the lifts and eating all of the sandwiches. And so, naturally, we must turn to sugar and caffeine to sustain our fragile, fragile minds…

Anyway, so last week was the most nightmarish of times – yet another birthday for yours truly. While it’s not quite the big 3-0 yet, it’s creeping up on me with steadfast determination. Regardless of the waking terrors this has caused me, I did manage to acquire some sweet-ass gifts, including a new cookbook – 500 Cookies. After salivating my way through the pages of said tome, I decided to start this new term with a double whammy of cookie awesomeness. And here, for your gazing pleasure, are the two cookies I chose to start off with: Chewy Chocolate Cookies and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Behold the chewy chocolate cookies – practically perfect in every way! Gorgeous gooey wonderfulness. I am somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect cookie – crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. These little babies come pretty damn close. The first batch through the oven are a bit on the fudgey side, taken out at 8 minutes; the batch left in for ten minutes were more to my liking – crunchy and chewy. Bliss! If you want a cookies that’s pretty much just a brownie in disguise, these are the cookies for you. Oh, but seriously, don’t eat too many – they are chocolatey enough to kill.

Possibly even better than the chewy goodness above, here be the desperately moorish White Chocolate Chunk cookies. Just try to eat only one – go on, I dare you. It’s physically impossible – believe me. Again, these bad boys are a lovely cross between soft, chewy insides and firm, slightly crunchy outsides. Like the chocolate cookies, I would recommend cooking these guys a bit on the long side, as the slightly burnt ones had the best texture ever.

So I think that I’m going to keep on working my way through my 500 cookies for the next few weeks ( as I still have 498 more to go). Tempted to try the amaretti cookies next (my favourite ever), but I could be persuaded to make the giant cookie pizza instead… As always, if you want the recipes, just drop me a line and I’ll try to send them your way!

Until next week…


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