Are Whoopie Pies pure evil?

1 Jun

Yes, I do believe they are – right down to their chewy marshmallow-y centres.

Alright boys and girls, we’re going to start today’s post with some pictures, just so you all can truly understand the hell I went through to makes these demonically evil Whoopie pies.

Exhibit A: The Ideal Whoopie pie, courtesy of Sainsbury’s Magazine, June issue

Notice his beautiful shape – virtually spherical. He sits perfectly flat, and the marshmallow cream is just gently snuggled between the two delicate, soft biscuits, all of which is covered in a smooth blanket of chocolate icing. Bliss, right? According to Sainsbury’s Magazine, these delightful little sweets were an invention of the Amish, as a way to use up leftover batter. hmm… right. Anyway, looks simple enough, right?




Let me present Exhibit B: My attempt

Looks just like the picture from the magazine, right? RIGHT??? *weeps silently*

A few words of warning for those of you who might like to attempt these delightfully evil treats:

1) Marshmallows are sticky. You will be covered. *Recipe alteration: Since the whole marshmallow cream thing pretty much went down the crapper (butter, marshmallow, milk – waaaay too soft), I just used melted marshmallows for the filling. Honestly, I think it just works better.*

2) Never, ever use Muscovado sugar unless it is explicitly called for in the recipe – one of these days I’ll learn… The whole point of these cookies is to be soft and relatively flat – by using the muscovado sugar (like a dumb ass), which I believe has a higher melting point, the cookies don’t quite smoosh and spread like the ought to.

3) Chill your ‘pies’ after haphazardly filling them with marshmallow filling. Note: Don’t over-fill them – the marshmallow oozes out the sides and the little evil beasties stick together. Damn you marshmallow. Damn you.

4) Wtf is up with British marshmallows? Why is half the pack strawberry flavoured? I mean, come on.

5) The chocolate frosting this recipe calls for is the BEST EVER. Seriously guys – get this: it’s just 200g icing sugar, 50g cocoa powder and 4 tbsp cold water. PERFECTION. (It makes quite a stiff frosting though, so if you want is a bit more runny, add just a smidge more water.)

After hours of agony, the final result:

Next week it’s back to something a bit more ‘normal’ – like nutella swirl cupcakes! Awesome.

Btw, here’s the whoopie pie recipe if anyone wants it – if you’d like the directions for the chocolate whoopie, leave me a note in the comments. Word.


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