Blah Banana Bread

24 May

What a disappointment. As many of you know, I was super excited last week at the prospect of  making banana chocolate bread, especially as banana and chocolate is my favourite ice cream and milkshake flavour of all time. So I gave this recipe out of the June issue of Sainsbury’s monthly magazine a try (sorry, the recipe is not available online). I’ve had some good results with quite a few of their recipes (especially that sticky ginger cake from last year), so I was seriously excited about it – the picture looked beautiful and the recipe itself was relatively straight-forward. But something went horribly wrong. I’m not sure how I managed it, but it turned out really dull. I’m actually eating a piece at the moment and wondering where the bananas are. The chocolate overpowers the banana flavour and the cake texture is just a bit too chewy and glutenous. I think I’ve figured out most of my mistakes, so if anyone is attempting to give this recipe a go, keep these tips in mind: 1)careful which chocolate you choose – I used 70% green and blacks dark chocolate, smashed to bits with a rolling pin. some of the pieces ended up quite large and if you get a slice with a huge chunk in it, that’s pretty much all you can taste; 2) make sure the bananas are seriously ripe- i mean totally and completely black and gooey. this intensifies the banana flavour and i suspect had the bananas been a bit more ripe the taste of them might have been more powerful; 3) don’t cook in a hot kitchen. it was surface of the sun hot here in the UK this weekend and I’m pretty sure that prevented my mixture from combining properly, hence the over mixing, hence the chewy texture; 4) add some spices!! I mean, come on – it’s not banana bread without some cinnamon.

Anyway. Here’s the end result:

If you guys want a seriously good banana bread recipe, check this one out: Perfect Banana Muffins. I’ve tried this recipe both as muffins and as a loaf and it works fine either way. Next time, I may just try adding a bit of chocolate (maybe milk chocolate instead of dark) to the mix and see what happens.

Not sure what I’m up to next weekend – it’s either going to be Whoopie Pies (actually cookies with a marshmallow filling) or lemon swirl cupcakes. Decisions decisions….


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