Nothing delicious to speak of…

29 Mar

greetings gentle readers. sadly, no baking shennanigans took place this weekend – I seriously baked enough last week to make my baking quota for the foreseeable future. and besides,  no one appears to be coming into the research room today, so had I baked anything, I would have been forced to consume them all myself. which would have been horrific.

anywho. just wanted to keep up with the posting pattern and put a little something something here. regarding baking. I finally got around to buying a pastry bag last weekend and I am so very, very pleased with it. I made cupcakes (sorry no pics this time) for a b-day party and was able to frost them beautifully in pink and blue, with little sprinkles all over. so freaking cute!!! I need to practice with it more, but I can’t wait to try to do all sorts of patterns and the such when I return from the conference late next month. I’m even tempted to make madelines; although my next goal is to make sugar cookies – I’m usually to damn lazy to make them ’cause you have to chill the dough and then cut it all nice and neatly, but I think I’m ready to give it a go.

speaking of the conference, my poster is blissfully almost completed. just have to finish up a short discussion and conclusion section and then I am good to go. I did find out that it’s going to cost me a bloody arm and a leg to print it out at kinkos though… meh.

that’s it for today folks – keep your eyes peeled for more awesome archaeology news on Wednesday.



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