Soft Lemony Biscuits

22 Mar

Okay, so this week’s baking adventure was soft lemon biscuits (recipe here). This is seriously one of my favourite cookies/biscuits/things ever – I don’t know what it is about lemon flavoured sweets, but I am all about them. For this recipe, the secret ingredient is again ricotta (that’s three weeks running for cheese-based baking); what I think it does here is make the biscuits super soft and tender, kinda like mini puffs of cake. The last time I made this recipe, I accidentally added an extra egg – I made sure not to do that this time, but you know what? I think it was actually an improvement. Not sure why, just that last batch (circa early Feb) was about the damn tastiest thing ever. EVER.

Anyway, so this is my last baking effort for school for about a month – I’m off to the states in a little over two weeks for the AAPA’s (American Association of Physical Anthropologists) annual meeting in Albuquerque. I’m thinking of doing some sort of ‘live-blog’ for the event, so that everyone who isn’t there to witness the awesomeness can enjoy it too. Maybe I’ll stick my poster up here once I’ve presented it…. I’ll still be posting about my adventures in baking, but there’s probably going to be a two /three-week hiatus on that. But not to worry, there will still be Archaeology Wednesdays and I’m considering posting something vaguely educational and bone-based to round out the week on Fridays.

On to the sexy biscuit pics:

Went for the super, super thick icing this time – not quite as lemony as usual, but still pretty damn tasty.

I seriously want one right now. There’s nothing wrong with biscuits for breakfast, is there?


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