Archaeology Wednesdays

17 Mar

It’s time once again for more Archaeology. I mean, really, it’s always time for archaeology – because archaeology, especially anything related to bones, is pretty damn awesome. Except for theory. Never theory. *shudder*

Anyway, on to the cool articles!

Okay, so most of you all probably read about this already, but it’s damn cool, so I’m posting it again: Vikings in Dorset! And they’ve been decapitated!

Mummies mummies mummies! Does it get any better than that? Check out this article about new mummy finds from China.

Article on a recent lecture at UCL: Humans after the last Ice Age and how they adapted to climate change.

Pretty nifty:  Human vision and 600-million year old hydra

And lastly, I wish I found some cool medieval bones in my back garden…


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