Lemon Ricotta Muffins

15 Mar

It’s Sunday baking time again! This week, I made one of my absolute favourites – Lemon Ricotta Muffins with Almonds. So damn tasty – the insides are tender and moist and the tops are crunchy and beautiful. As always, you can find the recipe here.

This particular muffin couldn’t be easier to make – the only tricky part is making sure that you cream the sugar and butter for long enough. I’ve started setting my egg timer so that I make sure to cream them for long enough. I think it’s definitely the ricotta in this recipe that makes the texture so fabulous. I wonder if I wanted to make them a bit more cake-like, if I could substitute some mascarpone for the ricotta? Seemed to work pretty damn well for the chocolate cupcakes last week…. Mayhaps an experiment is in order?

Now, the best part: the pics.

I love how the tops of these muffins crack and split – I think it gives them such a beautiful, slightly rustic look.

Trying out some new poses with my muffin-y friends. I think he looks rather dapper here – don’t you agree?

Not sure what I’m going to attempt next week – maybe take a break from muffins/cupcakes and give cookies another go? Although, that said, I did manage to find a piping bag this weekend and am itching to try it out with some frosting…. decisions decisions….


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