Archaeology Wednesdays

10 Mar

Ready for more awesome archaeology? Then welcome back to another instalment of Archaeology Wednesdays. I tried to go for articles with a bit more diversity than last time, so some of these are not strictly archaeology, but fall well within the realm of crap that I think is neat. Enjoy…

Is being a bad boy an evolutionary advantage? And why do we ladies always fall for them?

A late post for international women’s day: the Priestesses of Crete. Excavations at Eleutherna on Crete. For all the cool bone stuff, check out the section entitled ‘Makings of a Matriline’.

Anyone else think it would be pretty cool if we could clone Neanderthals? I think it would. Although I’m also convinced that they would overtake the Earth in a matter of months… All hail our Neanderthal rulers!

I’m totally going to go with yes here. While I’m not sure about some of the methods used, I do think they have some very interesting results. What do you think? Do you think there may be a relationship between increased intelligence and lack of religious belief?

And one last thing not related to archaeology, but pretty damn awesome: Gas Mask Bra


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