Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting

7 Mar

Howdy everyone! It’s Sunday baking time again. This week, the delicious recipe is Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes with home-made Buttercream Frosting. (Find the recipe details here.) Okay, so this one is a bit more challenging than the regular old chocolate chip cookies I made last week – which I think went over pretty well. The cupcakes themselves were relatively straightforward to make and turned out so soft and moist (and chocolatey), but I may have taken it a bit overboard this time, as I decided to try my hand at making buttercream frosting – something I have not attempted before. Sufficed it to say, I managed to explode powered sugar and butter all over the kitchen, covering the toaster and tea cozy. Fun times. 🙂 I think it turned out okay, and so the cupcakes are now frosted in lovely pink and yellow hues. (My taste tester just notified me that he thinks the frosting is a wee bit too sweet, so for anyone lucky enough to have one of these bad boys, I will not be offended if the frosting gets scraped off.)

In pictures:


the batter

and after!

fresh outta the oven

preparing to be frosted

lined up waiting to be frosted

post frosting:


of course, since i was busy doing this all day today, I pretty much got nothing done for the thesis. meh. Whatever. I’ll just have to crack on twice as hard tomorrow.

Off to make dinner now. Toodle pip!


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